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Military Specification & Conformance Paints

A.) Military Specification Paints
        I) Epoxies
        II) Primers
        II) Enamels
        IV) High Temp. Paints
        V) Thinners
        VI) Misc.
        VII) MIL-P-24441 Formula 150-162
        VIII) MIL-DTL-24441/24631 Formula 150-162/184-185
        IX) MILVAR/MILSPEC Varnishes
B.) Conformance Paints
        I) Corps of Engineers
        II) Steel Structure Painting Council (SSPC)

A.) Military Specification Paints
Specification Number Specification Description
Epoxy polyamide primers, & topcoats, various colors, formulas 150 through 162
Epoxy polyamide primers, & topcoats, various colors, Formula 150-162
Camouflage paint for submarines, Formula 184-187
MIL-P-23236 Coating systems, fuel & salt water, ballast tank Type 1, Class 1 & 2
MIL-C-22750E Coating, epoxy, VOC compliant
MIL-P-23377G Primer coatings, epoxy, chemical and solvent resistant
MIL-P-53030A Primer coating, epoxy, water reducible (Lead & chromate free)
MIL-P-53022B Primer, epoxy coating, corrosion inhibiting (Lead & chromate free)
MIL-PRF-4556F Coating kit, epoxy, steel tank, interior composition G
MIL-PRF-85582C Primer coatings: epoxy, waterborne
Specification Number Specification Description
DOD-P-15328D Primer, pretreatment formula 117-green
MIL-P-21035 TYPE 1 Paint: High zinc dust content galvanizing repair
MIL-P-11414E Primer alkyd, fast dry corrosion inhibiting (L & C free) VOC compliant
TT-P-645B Primer, paint, zinc-molybdate, alkyd type
TT-P-664D Primer coating, alkyd, corrosion-inhibiting, lead & chromate free, VOC compliant
TT-P-1957B Primer coatings, alkyd base, one component
Specification Number Specification Description
DOD-E-689C Enamel alkyd, deck black, formula 24
DOD-E-15146A Paint, outside, dull black, formula 104
DOD-E-24607A Chlorinated alkyd enamel, non-flaming
MIL-DTL-700B Enamel, deck, interior, gray (form. #20)
MIL-DTL-15090D Enamel, equipment, light gray (Navy formula No. III)
MIL-E-1115D Enamel, Interior & Exterior alkyd white (Formula No. 30)
MIL-E-24763A (SH) Enamel, emulsion type (For shipboard use)
MIL-PRF-24635B Enamel, silicone alkyd copolymer
TT-P-38D Paint, aluminum, ready mixed
TT-E-487 Enamel floor & deck
TT-E-489J Enamel alkyd, gloss, class A, various colors (Low VOC content)
TT-E-490 Enamel, silicone alkyd, semi-gloss, various colors
TT-E-515 Enamel, alkyd, lusterless, quick dry
TT-E-527D Enamel, alkyd, lusterless
TT-E-529 Enamel, alkyd, semi-gloss
TT-E-1593B Enamel, silicone alkyd copolymer, gloss (exterior/interior use)
High Temp. Paint:
Specification Number Specification Description
MIL-P-14105D Paint: Heat resisting (For steel surfaces) 1400 F
TT-E-496 Black heat-resisting enamel, Type 2
TT-P-28F Paint aluminum, heat resistant (1200 F)
Specification Number Specification Description
MIL-V-173C Moisture & fungus resistance varnish
MIL-V-16399A Varnish TYPE A & B
TT-V-81 Varnish mixing for aluminum, TYPE-I
Specification Number Specification Description
MIL-T-19588 Toluene, MIBK mixture
MIL-T-81772 Thinner, TYPE I, II, III
TT-N-95B Naptha aliphatic
TT-N-97B Naptha aromatic
TT-T-291 Thinner, mineral spirits
TT-T-295 Thinner, mineral spirits, odorless
TT-T-306C Thinner, synthetic resin & enamel
Specification Number Specification Description
A-A-3120 Swimming pool paint
A-A3121/TT-P-91 Paint, rubber-base for interior use (concrete & masonry floors)
A-A-3183 Paint, latex, exterior (for wood & masonry)
A-A-50570 Waterbased acrylic semigloss for metal surfaces
MIL-C-10578D Corrosion removing & metal conditioning compound (TYPE I-IV)
MIL-DTL-85054C Corrosion preventive compound, TYPE-II
MIL-P-15931F Vinyl antifouling paint, red & black, class 1 & 2 (Formulas No. 121, 121A, 129, 129A)
MIL-P-24380B Paint, anchor chain, solvent type, gloss black
TT-P-19D Acrylic emulsion latex exterior wood & masonry
TT-P-115 Traffic paint (hwy: white & yellow
TT-P-320C Aluminum paste TYPE-I & II, class 2
TT-P-2118 Tree marking paint
TT-P-1952D Paint, traffic & airfield marking, waterborne

B.) Conformance Paints
Corps of Engineers' Paints:
Specification Number Specification Description
Formula E-303d Epoxy Zinc-Rich Paint
Formula V-102e Vinyl-Type Ready Mixed Aluminum Paint
Formula V-103c Vinyl-Type Black Finish Paint
Formula V-106e Vinyl-Type Red Oxide Paint
Formula V-107e Vinyl-Type Aluminum Paint
Formula V-766e Vinyl-Type White or Gray Paint
Formula VZ-108d Vinyl-Type Zinc Rich Primer
Steel Structure Painting Council (SSPC) Paints:

Specification Number Specification Description
SSPC-Paint #5 Zinc Dust/Oxide, phenolic varnish paint
SSPC-Paint #8 Vinyl aluminum paint
SSPC-Paint #9 Vinyl paint, white or colored
SSPC-Paint #11 Red oxide, zinc chromate, alkyd primer
SSPC-Paint #16 Coaltar epoxy polyamide paint, black or dark red
SSPC-Paint #20 Zinc rich primer, TYPE I & II
SSPC-Paint #101 Aluminum paint, Leafing (TYPE I), Non-Leafing (TYPE-II)
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